Fun on the ball

Swiss balls or gym balls are great pieces of equipment to mix a home workout up. Of all the pieces of equipment when I ask what people have at home, a Swiss ball is it. And if they don’t have one, they are happy to buy one. It is a great piece of equipment. Advantages: […]

Stepping up (and down)

One of the first tasks to getting home from hospital post surgery is getting up and over the stairs. If you have been there you know what I mean. and who can for get “the good go to heaven and the bad go to hell”, even if you have forgotten what that acutally means (in […]

When downward dog is stressful rather than restful

Anyone else not find downward dog the most restful pose? With an increase in home exercise and zoom classes during lockdown it seems yoga has taken off. But a common comment is that “my wrists are taking strain”. Agree!, as I hold myself in downward dog and the instructor reminds me that this is a […]

Water bottle workout

With lockdown and gyms closed, more and more we are working out at home. Today we look at using a water bottle as weights.  This video shows a few fantastic exercises that you can add to your lockdown workout. It is a strength workout that you can do with minimal equipment. I have looked to […]

Chair Workout- take a break

With lockdown we are all working from home, and post this period there is likely to be an increase in people working from home. Gyms are also currently closed, so we need to get creative about our workouts. Did you know that it is possible to give your body a great workout at home, even […]

Preventing Backyard and Balcony Running Injuries

Backyard or balcony running has become a thing. With lockdown arrived some challenges “Mzansi challenge- 2km/ day for 21 days. It had a nice feel about it- a marathon over 21 days. (It has now been extended to an Ultra marathon). The goal was to cover this distance in a small space- around you house […]

How to cope with cramping during exercise

Exercise-associated muscle cramping (EAMC) is defined as an involuntary, painful contraction of skeletal muscle during or immediately after exercise ( Schwellnus et al 2011). There is a high risk in endurance athletes. It is poorly understood, although common. The reasons for the cramping could be: 1. the result of muscle fatigue 2. the result of […]

Tapering is a phase of training!

The South African racing calendar is filled with events. Almost any weekend we can choose to run, cycle or swim an event. It is easy to get caught up in the hype (I have been there), and then we may end up feeling tired, both physically and emotionally. Know which is your goal race, and […]

Returning to exercise post injury or surgery

Common questions we get asked, when can I return, what can I do, what should I avoid, do I need physio? We always want you to get back to exercise as quickly as possible, however we need to respect the healing times of different injuries. We also need to consider different starting points, and then […]

Preparing for surgery

When you are considering elective surgery such as a total hip of knee replacement, we know the fitter you go into surgery, the better your post operative recovery will be. You might find this video useful: We have some tests that we do to help determine outcome and best advise you on the next step. […]