With the onset of Covid-19 and lockdown in South Africa, telemedicine has come into the forefront. When looking for services offered by physios, speech therapist, and occupational therapists we refer to it is telerehabilitation. You may be wondering but how can I access physio over the phone/ online portal. WHAT IS TELEHEALTH? In telehealth we […]

Returning to exercise post injury or surgery

Common questions we get asked, when can I return, what can I do, what should I avoid, do I need physio? We always want you to get back to exercise as quickly as possible, however we need to respect the healing times of different injuries. We also need to consider different starting points, and then […]

Butt Strength- exercises to save your knees.

In the last¬†last article¬† we covered three common knee injuries: ITB, patella femoral knee pain and osteoarthritis of the knee. To help prevent these injuries, we bring you six exercises to activate your glutes and strenghtening and flexibility around the pelvis in order to unload the knee. There are hundreds of exercises that can be […]

Recovery post a Total Knee replacement. The first 2 weeks

Once discharged from hospital, your recovery begins. When you were discharged you were sent home with some pain medication. You probably were sent home with an exercise sheet from your physiotherapist too. This is where I believe in the saying “Exercise is Medicine”- as important as your take home medication, so too are your daily […]

Get off your Butt to manage your knee pain

In this article we will look at 3 common knee conditions- patella femoral pain syndrome, iliotibial band syndrome, and osteoarthritis of the knee. These are all non-traumatic injuries of the knee which can be affected by load. In most injuries we need to assess load as this directs our management. Do we need to manage […]