Similarities between surgery and lockdown

There are many similarities between lockdown and surgery. Both have a preparation and recovery phase. Social distancing- mental prep and check lists Surgery and lockdown are final- there is no going back There are stages of recovery How we do is a combination of our starting point and surgery Recovery is a process- be patient […]

Sunday 15 Otober is Garden Day- Believe in Tomorrow

Sunday 15 October is Garden Day. Garden Day is on a Sunday in the middle of October and is a day to invite friends and family to spend time in your garden. You get to sit back and relax and enjoy all your hard work! Gardening is a wonderful way of escaping our busy lives […]

Cultivating Body and Mind

As Spring starts, you may feel the urge to dust off your exercise gear and get a bit more active. How about getting a bit more active around the house and in the garden? For a lot of people wanting to get active, they just don’t know where to start. Often we get so overwhelmed […]