Chair Workout- take a break

With lockdown we are all working from home, and post this period there is likely to be an increase in people working from home. Gyms are also currently closed, so we need to get creative about our workouts.

Did you know that it is possible to give your body a great workout at home, even if you don’t have gym equipment?

We will look at everyday equipment, and see how we can get a good workout at home. Today we will use a simple chair. In this workout, I work shoulders, triceps, biceps, abs with mountain climbers, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves.

– everyone a chair in their home
– easily accessible
– cheap and no need for the extra outlay of money
– probably another chair in the house, so easy for someone to join you too.

– No one wants footprints on their chair so maybe avoid the step-ups. Or make sure you choose a chair easy to wipe down.

-make sure your chair is on a level surface, especially if in the garden.


Here it is if you would like to use this as your workout for the day:

  • 30-second mountain climbers
  • sit to stand with shoulder press X10 I am using dumbbells that are 2kg but you could use water bottles/ bag of sugar or anything else around the home
  • tricep dips x 10
  • step-up with a shoulder press and backward lunge x 10 per side
  • 30 -second mountain climbers
  • single-leg dip with heel raise and can add a biceps curl x 10
  • double-leg bridge – arm by side for more support or up in the air for less support x 10
    straight leg bridge alternate leg lift x 10
  • 30-second mountain climbers to end off

Repeat entire work out 2-3 times.


Did this change your opinions of the chair?


So perhaps when working from home, if you are feeling a little zoomed out, take a break and add a exercise break.

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