Water bottle workout

With lockdown and gyms closed, more and more we are working out at home. Today we look at using a water bottle as weights.  This video shows a few fantastic exercises that you can add to your lockdown workout. It is a strength workout that you can do with minimal equipment. I have looked to strengthen you whole body.

• You don’t need much space
• You can use different sizes of water bottles and get different weights/ fill up water to different levels and also adjust the weight.
• You can buy water when you shop for essential items if you don’t have one at home
• You can use other pantry items instead.

• You will be annoyed if someone recycles your bottle or makes and ecobrick out of it.

In the video, I normally do 10 reps if each exercise (unless I lost count- easily happens 😉)
When strengthening you want to aim for 8-12 reps and build to 3 sets. So, repeat this 3 sequence 3x.

For strengthening you want to exercise a muscle group to fatigue. In a gym we can use much heavier weights and we would look at a 3-5 rep max. At home we typically have lighter weights, so will work with 8-12 reps. If you can easily push past 12 reps, you should look to increase the weights. In this workout use a bigger water bottle (500ml, 750ml.1L, 1.5L, 2L and 5L). You could also fill with sand instead of water. So, there are a few options.

Exercises are:
1) plank with rotation and water bottle x10 per side (1.5L bottle)
2) v up from lying with weight above your head x10
3) v sit with rotation side to side rotation using a 5litre bottle 10/side. To make it harder you can lift your feet off the ground
4) single leg squat with shoulder press (5L bottle) x 10 per side
5) chucking hay bales in standing (5L bottle) 10 per side
6) alternating lunges with overhead lift (5L bottle)

Let us know if there is anything specific you would like to work on. Stay safe, stay home, but keep moving.

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