Total Hip Replacement exercises from 2-4 weeks post surgery.

At this point you would have had a follow up with the orthopaedic surgeon. In most cased you are on crutches for a total of 4 weeks, so you have 2 more weeks on both your crutches.In some instances you are on crutches for 6 weeks or more, so adhere to the guidelines given to you. I always say “respect the phase of healing”- this means just because you are feeling better, doesn’t mean it is time to go crazy. Hold back, the body has healing times and these can’t be rushed.

The first 2 weeks were about just getting movement back, you were mobile within your home. Now you can start to go out a little, but don’t overdo it. And we still say no driving until 4 weeks post op.

The exercises here are divided up into lying, and sitting exercises in the first video, and standing exercises in the second video.

In terms of reps. Aim for 8-12 reps. If the exercise is tough you may only get to 8, as you get stronger you can probably get to 12 reps, this completes 1 set.

We start with the lying and sitting exercises.

The standing exercises are these. We use a resistance band. I have it around my ankles. But if you need to make an exercise easier then you can put the band around you shins or knees. By moving the resistance band up towards you knees, it will make the resistance easier.

Start by doing 1 set of 8-12 reps of each exercise. As you get stronger you can add a 2nd set. When you add in sets then you need a rest of 90 sec between each exercise. Best idea is to choose three exercises and do in a mini circuit. That way the muscle group gets a rest in between.

If you get any groin pain with any of the exercises then back off. Most importantly have fun, enjoy feeling your body getting stronger. Be patient with yourself during this period.

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