Back to work, back to a new reality

As we move in to stage 4 lockdown, our practice will re-open with precautions in place. Changes to our practice: General Terry and Francis with treat all patients using a  mask and or visor. We have also moved to wearing scrubs, and if moving between the hospital and practice we will change into new scrubs. […]

Understanding Prescribed Minimum Benefits- COVID-19

Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) are a set of defined benefits to ensure that all medical scheme members have access to certain minimum health services, regardless of the benefit option they have selected. The aim is to provide people with continuous care to improve their health and well-being and to make healthcare more affordable. PMBs are […]

The crazy nightshades

“You are what you eat’- I have heard this many a time. Many times patients ask me what supplements or food they can take to help their joints, tendons, recover faster etc. Sometimes there are some foods that we should consider leaving from our diet if we have joint pain- we are probably most familiar […]

Domestic workers returning to work during COVID-19

I have had a lot of questions about domestic workers and gardeners returning to work. Each person needs to assess their risk when allowing someone into their house to come and work. As an employer, you also need to assess the risk of your employee. If you decide that your domestic worker is going to […]

Similarities between surgery and lockdown

There are many similarities between lockdown and surgery. Both have a preparation and recovery phase. Social distancing- mental prep and check lists Surgery and lockdown are final- there is no going back There are stages of recovery How we do is a combination of our starting point and surgery Recovery is a process- be patient […]

Fun on the ball

Swiss balls or gym balls are great pieces of equipment to mix a home workout up. Of all the pieces of equipment when I ask what people have at home, a Swiss ball is it. And if they don’t have one, they are happy to buy one. It is a great piece of equipment. Advantages: […]

Stepping up (and down)

One of the first tasks to getting home from hospital post surgery is getting up and over the stairs. If you have been there you know what I mean. and who can for get “the good go to heaven and the bad go to hell”, even if you have forgotten what that acutally means (in […]

When downward dog is stressful rather than restful

Anyone else not find downward dog the most restful pose? With an increase in home exercise and zoom classes during lockdown it seems yoga has taken off. But a common comment is that “my wrists are taking strain”. Agree!, as I hold myself in downward dog and the instructor reminds me that this is a […]

Stop and Pause

“Don’t worry about the future… the real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind. The kind that blindsides you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday” Mary Schmich, from Wear Suncreen. A mist the Corona virus and lockdown the world has been forced to stop and pause. A […]

Water bottle workout

With lockdown and gyms closed, more and more we are working out at home. Today we look at using a water bottle as weights.  This video shows a few fantastic exercises that you can add to your lockdown workout. It is a strength workout that you can do with minimal equipment. I have looked to […]